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Washington (2014) - School Level - EOC Math

   NOTE: All Washington charts are derived from the WA State Board of
             Education "Achievement Index"
               - To download data (Click here) - An  Excel file is available to
                  download at the bottom of the web site.

  • All schools-WA -Math, Read & EOC (Chart)
  • ESD101-2013Index-F&R-Spokane (Chart)
  • ESD112-2013Index-F&R-Evergreen (Chart)
  • ESD112-2013Index-F&R-Vancouver (Chart)
  • ESD113-2013Index-F&R-North Thurston (Chart)
  • ESD121-2013Index-F&R-Bethel (Chart)
  • ESD121-2013Index-F&R-Highline (Chart)
  • ESD121-2013Index-F&R-LakeWashinton (Chart)
  • ESD121-2013Index-F&R-NorthShore (Chart)
  • ESD121-2013Index-Growth-NorthShore (Chart)
  • ESD121-2013Index-F&R-Renton (Chart)
  • ESD121-2013Index-F&R-Seattle (Chart)
  • ESD121-2013Index-F&R-University Place (Chart)
  • ESD123-2013Index-F&R-Finley (Chart)
  • ESD123-2013Index-F&R-Kennewick (Chart)
  • ESD123-2013Index-F&R-Pasco (Chart)
  • ESD123-2013Index-F&R-Richland (Chart)
  • ESD123-2013Index-F&R-Yakima (Chart)
  • ESD189-2013Index-F&R-Mt Baker (Chart)

More Charts - Washington State (here)
More Charts - All 50 States         (here

Charts are of all schools in each state - Combined Average Reading and Math Scores vs. Percent Eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch

 NOTE: Some schools are missing data or are to small N size to report.

Data source is state agencies (where available) and/or

Build your own chart (Washington Schools)

       First     - Print the master Washington State chart (here)
       Second- Plot your school(s) from the Look-Up-List (here)




Chart Construction:

 How to construct a Meat Axe (School Performance) chart:

  • For Mac users (Excel 2011):
       Step 1 -  Preparing the data     - 18 minutes    (Video)
       Step 2 - Constructing the chart - 22 Minutes    (Video)
  •  For Windows users (Excel 2010):
       Step 1  -  Preparing the data      - 20 minutes  (Video)
       Step 2  -  Constructing the chart - 23 minutes  (Video)



NOTE:  If you would like a performance chart constructed for a particular set of schools, contact Bob Hughes.



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